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Imagine Sam and Steve doing that thing where you talk the lyrics of a song and then accidentally start loudly serenading one another.



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yo automatically labelling every guy wearing a dress genderqueer/trans* is harmful, because what you are basically saying is that no man can ever engage in femininity -  whereas women have been wearing trousers and suits for years and yet those traditionally masculine items of clothing are ‘gender neutral’.  you’re trying to break down archaic gender roles but you’re just enforcing them in a different way.  masculinity is not neutral.  c’mon.


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how do other white people manage to feel so persecuted on tumblr that they need to make a fucking half-assed photoset about it on the daily like the worst i’ve ever seen is ‘why can’t white people handle spicy food’ and i just read it like ‘yeah. yeah you’re right. i’m white and i buy mild salsa. you got me’ 

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